Sanshu Onigawara Crafts

I love watching short films about traditional crafts, especially sculpting and carving. This time I found a video about Sanshu Onigawara Crafts. It shows how an object is sculpted in clay which is helpful if you're using the wax-up technique to sculpt your models for jewelry.

What is Sanshu Onigawara Crafts ?

Sanshu Onigawara Crafts, called Sanshu Onigawara Kougeihin in Japanese, are a traditional craft mainly produced in Hekinan, Anjo and Takahama of Aichi Prefecture. The name "Sanshu" comes from the old name of this region in Aichi. The region had high quality clay suitable for roof tiles, and as blended clay, glaze for pottery and ceramics were also produced in this area, the roof tile industry developed.
The raw material used for porcelain clay is Mikawa clay, mountain soil and levigated clay. By baking at a high temperature of approximately 1,150 degrees Celsius (2,127 Fahrenheit), the roof tile becomes highly durable, and comes out in a unique oxidized silver color.
While maintaining the tradition, the colors, shapes and functions of the roof tiles continue to evolve, and now approximately 70 percent of clay roof tiles in Japan are produced in this region.

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