Learning engraving

Always wanted to learn hand engraving but I just couldn't figure out how to start. Two months ago I found a video, with the basics of engraving. It shows how to prepare your gravers and how to turn old needle files into gravers. I took my old dull files grinded them to the shape, bought a few handles, and... it worked! The most important thing was learning to preapere gravers when they are prepared correctly it is a joy to work with them. Here is a photo of the gravers I made:

I usually start my day with 1-2 hours of engraving, I melt some of the scrap metal into an ingot and I flatten it down with a hammer. This gives me a coin-shaped piece ready for engraving. Here are some photos of the pieces I made during this 2-month long engraving:

I'm pretty sure there will be more posts about engraving so you can see the development of my skills through days, months and (hopefully) years.


  • La Forgerie Bijoutier

    I make some jewels too and sure you got a fine hand bro !! You’re work is awsome ! I want engrave too but i don’t know where to start .. have a good one !

  • Neeco

    Thank you

  • gyucheol

    I support you for continuing to challenge.

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