Flat, Triangular, Square - shaped burs

When I worked as a dental technician we used triangular-pyramid-shaped bur to release stuck dentures from plaster models after polymerization. Those were great for any soft material. 
The most important thing about them is that they don't clog up (even when they're hot), they remove material quickly and the cut after was fairly clean. which makes them great for almost any type of wax used for model making in jewelry.

I have one that I bought back when I worked in the lab, but I couldn't find them later. I know that those can be found in wax carving sets I've seen at a Korean jewelry supplies store, here is the photo:

Three from the left are triangular and the thinnest one on the right is square.

Those sets are hard to get in Europe, but you can make them fairly easy by grinding old burs to the desired shape (keep in mind that those can be very dangerous if not made properly so do not use them on high RPM). Also, a similar design is used for the wood carving, and here are videos of Chinese artist showing how he makes the burs and uses them:

Link for the set:

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